Our geotechnical programs come with standard Windows help files (*.CHM), as well as user’s manual in PDF and eBook formats. These file formats are all searchable and you can print them. In addition, all help files are available in web formats; Click here to open online help documentation page.

User's Manual

  • Software
  • NovoSPT
    SPT Correlations Software
  • NovoLIQ
    Soil Liquefaction Analysis
  • NovoCPT
    CPT Interpretation Software
  • NovoLAB
    Log Drafting & Lab. Testing
    Bearing Capacity Software
  • VisLog
    3D Soil Profile Software
  • LateralK
    Earth Pressure Software
  • NovoBPT
    Becker Penetration Test Software
    Geotechnical Correlations Software