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How can I download trial versions?

You can download and install our software from this page. Trial versions work for 14 days. Thereafter, you will require a license file to run the program.

How does the licensing works? Can I run the software on any computer?

We provide a variety of licensing models. For more information please read this article.

What is your purchase and delivery process?

You can pay online using PayPal, Visa, Debit, American Express, and other major cards. Payments though wire transfer and checks are also available.

You will receive the download link within 15 minutes of your purchase. See this page for details.

Our company has several offices. Should we buy one license for each computer?

You don’t have to! We provide customized licensing solutions for large organization which drops the cost of your software licenses.

I just purchased the software. How can I activate my software?

You will need an ‘Activation Key’ in order to activate your software. This will be emailed to you immediately after your purchase.

Can I transfer my license file to another computer?

Yes! You will only need to de-activate your existing license and use your ‘Activation Key’ on the second computer. Please read this article for more information.

I have technical questions about the program OR I have comments and feedback.

Please feel free to contact us with a detailed message. We will reply your message within one business day.