Why Bubble 3D?

3D Stress ModellingOne of the first things geotechnical engineer learn in foundation engineering is “stress distribution” under the footings and/or behind retaining walls. We have all learned about “stress bulb” going to 2B or 4B, etc. How about a FREE educational software that helps you visualize the stress distribution and settlement for multiple footings, simulating overlap of the stress bulbs, ground surface settlement, and more.

Bubble 3D is a state-of-the-art freeware for visualizing foundation stress and settlement distribution! Bubble 3D comes with a complete help file (accessible from inside the program), and user’s manual in PDF and eBook formats to allow you getting up-to-speed in a very short time.

  • Bubble3D

    Version 1.0.2020.831
    User’s Manual (PDF)
    User’s Manual (eBook)
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  • System Requirements

    Windows XP, 7, 8, and 10
    .Net Framework 4.5.2
    100 MB of Disk Space

  • Licensing


Stress Analysis Methods

Bubble 3D covers the following stress and settlement analysis methods:

  • Boussinesq (1885), Holtz and Kavocs (1981)
  • Westergaard (1938)
  • Newmark (1935)
  • 2:1 Method

Settlement Estimation Methods

This program covers various methods for calculation of settlement at each soil element:

  • Rigid (semi-infinite)
  • Flexible (semi-infinite)
  • Elasticity Theory

For more details please see Bubble 3D documentation.

Powerful 3D Engine

The 3D model created by Bubble 3D allows you to:

  • Zoom and rotate the model
  • Turn on/off different layers
  • Export to image, Excel and print the results

What Can You Do With Bubble 3D?

  • View stress distribution under the footings (i.e. stress bulbs),
  • Define a stress cut-off (e.g. 20% of stress below footing) for stress bulbs, in order to investigate stress influence zone,
  • Investigate the overlap of stress bulbs for adjacent footings,
  • Cut through the stress bulb at any location and in any angle,
  • Visualize the settlement of the ground surface,
  • Various type of footings are covered: pad, strip, circular, raft, ring, box, etc.
  • View stress distribution for all soil elements in a tabular format,
  • Export the results to image and Microsoft Excel formats

For Educational Purposes

Bubble 3D is designed as a tool for assisting geotechnical engineers and students to understand stress distribution in soil, especially when there are surcharge loads close to a footing. Bubble 3D does not utilize FEM or similar numerical analysis; Instead, it follows a simple philosophy:


The software discretizes the model into many ‘soil elements’, and calculates the stress increase due to all surcharges at each soil element, and presents the results graphically.

Bubble 3D is a powerful software for both academia and consulting engineers for educational purposes. The results of the program cannot be relied upon / used for commercial projects. Download Bubble 3D today for FREE.

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If you would like to learn more about the theoretical background of the methods used in Bubble 3D, please visit its online documentation.