On this page you can download the our geotechnical engineering programs. Please note the following:

  1. You need your trial Activation Key to run each software (you should have received this by email). This key is different for each software; So, if you need a trial key for another software, please request an activation key here.
  2. You need Microsoft .Net 4.5.2 or higher installed on your computer. This comes with Windows 8, 8.1 and 10; Also can be downloaded from this page.
  3. Some features of our programs need your Windows to be up-to-date. Specifically, you need Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library on your system, which can be installed from here (most computers have this).
  4. If you receive a ‘database connection error’ when running PEYSANJ or NovoLAB programs, please install Database Engine.

If for any reason, you have difficulties installing the programs, please feel free to contact us.


Please make sure that your computer has the most recent Windows updates, and the latest version of Microsoft .Net is installed on your system.