We recommend minimum 1024*768 screen resolution for using NovoLAB.

 If you are using the dongle key version, please make sure that it is plugged to your computer before you run the program.

 To invoke the help page associated with each page of software, click on the  button on top-right corner of each page in NovoLAB.

 Make sure you prepare backup from your data periodically. Your database file is the NovoLAB.MDB file (see more).

 After the first installation on each computer, please open the general preferences pages and set the preferences. Next, open the laboratory tests default settings page and set default values. These are very important steps in NovoLAB installation and setup, otherwise you may end up with incorrect results.

 Review the data entry and reporting steps recommended for using NovoLAB.

 Please contact us at support@novotechsoftware.com with any questions or suggestions.