A valid Maintenance Plan allows you to take advantage of updates, use our supports and transfer the license to another computer in case of hard disk failure or hardware upgrade. You can ‘de-activate‘ the software on computer A and use the same ‘activation key’ to activate the software on computer B, up to 3 times a year. The same applies to 'leased' (subscription-based) versions of our software where the Maintenance Plan is already included during the lease period.

Novo Tech offers the following FREE Maintenance Plans for each type of license:

  • The first 12 months after purchase of a Perpetual license.
  • During the entire period of lease, for 'leased' licenses.

For Perpetual licenses, the cost of Maintenance Plan for subsequent years varies from $75 to $125 a year (approximately 20% of the software price). The Maintenance Plan is automatically added to your order when you purchase the software, but you will not be charged until 12 months after the purchase. You can cancel your subscription to Maintenance Plan at any time by logging in to your account at https://novotechsoftware.com/my-account/ 

Note: A subscription to Maintenance Plan cannot be purchased later if cancelled by user. We strongly recommend that you maintain your subscription to the Maintenance Plan.